The one downstairs is full of character: a double bed is built under an archway where once there was a bread oven. Thick walls give an agreeable temperature stability.


Villa Spiti Atinà has an absolutely wonderful, large and private pool

(6x10 m and yes, only for you!),

situated in front of the house. 

However the pool is not suitable for children who can’t swim yet,
as the pool is 1.40 m at its lowest and up to 2.10 m at its deepest point.


The wonderful vine covered terrace provides ample shadow in beween the living part of the house and the swimming pool. It is connected to the garden, where an olive tree and several citrus trees grow. 

The terraces and the balconies upstairs, offer a beautiful view overlooking a small chapel and an ancient church in the Byzantine style. In the background, the hills are covered with olive groves gardens and the majestic White Mountains peek on the horizon. 


There is also a lovely the garden, with several trees: lemon, orange, mandarin, pomegranate, grapefruit, kumquat and an old olive tree.

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