GAVALOHORI is situated in Apokoronas, a region in the north-west of Crete, about 3.5 km from the sea,  This green area lies between the 2 most charming towns of Crete: Chania and Rethymnon.
In both cities you will find an Old Harbour and many small winding roads, full of bars, restaurants and shops.

Gavalohori, like Aptera, has had many “visitors” throughout the ages: Romans, Byzantins, Venetians, ... In spite of all these visitors, Gavalohori has stayed a 'real' Cretan village that is proud of its traditions. 




To taste the traditional Cretan wine or the the delicious home made food, like the slooooowwww cooked lam, you can go to Monica's ('Taverna Gavalianos' - pictures) on the village square. This recently restored building is about 200 years old and on its terrace in the shadow of its mulberry trees it is wonderful to relax and enjoy a drink, a mezze or some dishes in this coasy ambiance.

Arismary (Rosemary) is also a nice place (pictures above)









This small, but beautiful museum in the centre of Gavalohori strives to keep the past alive. It is situated in a small but beautifully restored Venetian house down twisting small streets behind the remains of an old Turkish Café.


The museum contains a small collection of beautiful pottery, coins, wood carving, weapons, lace and traditional costumes. The visitor gets an idea how the Cretans lived in the past 150 years. Especially nice is the bed above the wine press. This tourist attraction is worthy of a visit!

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